New Technology Devices and Real-Time Processes to Guide 2011 Focus for Product Providers

Sharing data with the DMS is an important requirement for providers of F&I products, and streamlining this process ensures accurate data, fewer errors, reduced costs and improved customer service. Until very recently, the lack of direct, complete, and transparent integration into the dealer’s DMS meant continued security issues, costly hardware and a slew of inefficiencies for F&I providers.

The Impact Group Launches eContracting with Provider Exchange Network

Provider Exchange Network (PEN), a division of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC, is pleased to announce integration with the F&I menu company The Impact Group, Inc. Impact’s Fusion Menu will now feature electronic rating, forms and contract origination via PEN.

Software App Solves Industry’s Diverse, Ongoing Integration Needs

In June, P&A Magazine published an article titled “The Integrated Industry: Software Fact or Fiction?” which outlined the industry’s longstanding challenge of integrating various mission-critical software applications with the typical dealership management system (DMS).

StoneEagle Insurance Systems Launches Integration with Provider Exchange Network

Provider Exchange Network (PEN), a division of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC, is pleased to announce that StoneEagle Insurance Systems, Inc. (StoneEagle) has successfully completed a PEN Certified Interface, allowing automotive dealers and aftermarket product providers to electronically book vehicle service contracts using the SCS and ARCH product administration systems.

Open Dealer Exchange Acquires Provider Exchange Network

Open Dealer Exchange, LLC has acquired the Provider Exchange Network (PEN) from MenuVantage, LLC. This popular network service enables F&I product providers to transmit rates and receive contract information from any participating dealer system.

Sonic Automotive Selects MenuVantage as Exclusive Menu Selling Software Provider

MenuVantage, a fully customizable, web-based menu selling system that integrates seamlessly with major Dealer Management Systems (DMS), today announced that Sonic Automotive has chosen MenuVantage to be its exclusive Menu Selling software provider for all 174 franchises nationwide. Sonic Automotive, Inc., a Fortune 300 company, is one of the largest automotive retailers in the United States.

Web Services: New Technology or New Hassle?

I moderated a panel on web services at the VSCAC conference on Sept. 15. The panel consisted of Brent Allen, President, Stone Eagle Insurance; Kumar Kathinokkula, COO, F&I Administrative Solutions; Mark Virag, Managing Director, Open Dealer Exchange; and Brian Reed, CEO, Intersection Technologies, Inc. The following are some thoughts I took away from this session.

Sprint Network Speeds Credit Approval for BMW Customers

Imagine walking into your local BMW dealership, choosing the make and model of your new car, and applying for credit, all at the touch of a button.