Competitive Positioning

After market research and intelligence gathering, we apply formal methods of systems analysis to identify your product’s place in its competitive environment.  Often overlooked, this is a key step in developing a roadmap that takes your product in the right direction.

Strategic Software Design

Software is strategic when it creates a new market.  Many of our clients now dominate lucrative markets that did not exist previously, like online credit aggregation.  Our software design skills are second to none, and referenceable.

Business Creation

Develop a detailed plan for your new venture including marketing, organization, software, and financials.  We have worked with a number of F&I startups and spinoffs, in areas like marketing and operations, not confined to technology.

Market Analysis

Through tireless research and networking, We are uniquely equipped to identify competitive challenges, potential customers, and unserved markets.  This part of our strategic planning methodology is applicable to any F&I business.

Strategic Planning

After much experience working with F&I technology startups, we have developed a strategic planning methodology specifically for software companies.  This extends from planning through implementation, with modules like Market Analysis and Competitive Positioning that can be applied separately.

Agile Development

Candidly, our rate is too high for use as a scrum master or product owner.  However, if we are engaged for Strategic Software Design, or if the client is new to agile development, this may be practical.

Systems Integration

It’s not a coincidence that so much of my work revolves around developing and managing SOAP and REST interfaces, and businesses based on interfaces.  Today’s auto retail software environment is all about systems integration, and this is one of our key skills.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not primarily about technology, but about fundamentally rethinking your value proposition.  It’s also about platforms and network business models, where we have some experience.